The Sun Down Motel: Book Review

The Sun Down Motel (Pub. Date: 2/18/2020)

As soon as I read the dedication page, “For the odd girls, the nerdy girls, and the murderinos. This one is yours” , my face lit up and I just knew I was going to love this book!

The Sun Down Motel is getting A LOT of hype and pre-pub buzz. Usually I’m skeptical of over hyped books, but The Sun Down deserves all the praise it’s receiving!

The Plot: In 1982 Viv Delaney mysteriously goes missing in the middle of her night shift at The Sun Down Motel, a run down, sketchy roadside motel.

Fast Forward to present day: Viv’s neice, Carly, has always wondered about her aunt Viv. What happened to her? Why doesn’t anyone talk about it? Is she still out there somewhere? These are the questions Carly needs answers to. So she takes it upon herself to figure out what happened. Carly decides to visit the town where her aunt went missing. One thing leads to another and Carly finds herself working the same night shift as her aunt.

But things at The Sun Down start to get weird. Supernatural even.


The Characters: The book is told in alternating narratives: Viv’s and Carly’s. I absolutely LOVED Carly. She is like a long lost sister. She is nerdy, loves true crime, and is so very endearing. I loved reading about her.

The Writing: I’ve heard some criticisms about the writing of this book. I actually enjoyed the writing style. Some found the writing repetitive, I can see where those reviewers are coming from, but that wasn’t my experience of the book. I think the writing style is simple (in a good way that made the book very “readable”- if that makes sense) and not over-fluffed.

My favorite part of this book is how atmospheric it is. Through the writing, you truly get the feel of the motel and the haunting, creepy experiences that ensue.

This is definitely one I recommend you check out when it is published!


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