Five 2020 Thrillers to add to your TBR

So, with the year halfway over (can you believe we’re halfway through the year? 😯)I thought I’d share my top five thrillers that were published in the first six months of 2020.

First up, in no particular order, is Safe by S.K. Barnett. Guys, this book is bonkers crazy! It’s about a six year old girl who went missing twelve years ago. Now she has returned home. She just randomly showed up one day. This leaves more questions than answers, though. Where has she been? What happened to her? Why return one random day? This book is the definition of a compulsive read, I stayed up until the wee hours of the night and read the first 200 pages in one sitting.

Another compulsive, fast paced book is Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier.This is another book about a missing child. Their missing son has torn apart Marin and Derek’s marriage. There have been no leads in the case so Marin hires a private investigator in hopes of finding answers, however the PI finds that Derek is having an affair. Is Derek’s affair linked to their missing son? The answers may be close to home for Derek and Marin.

And then we have The Last Flight by Julie Clark. In this one, two women, Claire and Eva, are hoping to leave their troubled past behind. A chance meeting in the airport appears to be the answer to all their problems. By switching plane tickets, the women hope that this will be their way to a fresh start, a new life. But the plane that Claire was supposed to be on crashes. Dark secrets are uncovered leaving Claire smack dab in the middle of Eva’s problems she left behind.

I’ve raved about Pretty Things by Janelle Brown so much on my instagram, but I’m going to rave about it again 🤣. This book is about a grifter and a wealthy Instagram star whose lives collide. This is another one where pasts are uncovered. I love a story about dark, scandalous pasts!

And last but not least, is Riley Sager‘s latest book, Home Before Dark. A modern day Aminityville Horror, Home Before Dark follows Maggie as she returns to her haunted childhood home. Maggie confronts literal ghosts of her past as she attempts to uncover the truth behind the supposed haunted estate.

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Happy reading!


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